Judi Marvel Charities – Our 20th Anniversary


The first week in November marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of Judi Marvel Charities.

Our organization was established to honor Judi’s ability to invest in the human spirit – her special way of making people feel respected, encouraged, and optimistic – regardless of their life’s circumstances.

Our mission remains the same: Make the World a Little Better by offering promise to others, acting in a spirit of kindness and generosity, and valuing family relationships above all else.

It has been an incredibly rewarding journey, one that would have been impossible without the support of so many generous people.

We wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors, and event participants. We would also like to acknowledge our dedicated non-profit partner agencies that remain essential to our mission.

In an effort to acknowledge and recognize all of you for your loyal support, we wanted to give you the chance to make your world a little better. Although we typically sponsor an annual fall fundraiser, this year we are giving you the night off! Instead of attending our fundraiser, we ask you to spend an
evening making a difference for yourself or someone close to you. Go ahead and plan an activity that is meaningful to you – you deserve it!

We remain inspired to continue our work. Although we typically select organizations serving the local communities of our donors, we must not forget those who spend their lives protecting the quality of life in our communities and the freedoms we all enjoy every day. We have selected the Travis Mills Foundation (travismills.org) as our 2018 recipient organization.

Please view this short but inspiring video highlighting Travis’ story:

Should you desire to contribute this year, feel free to visit our donate page.

Lastly, we are already making plans for PubFest 2019, scheduled for November 23, 2019 – please mark your calendars!

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we wish you and your families a beautiful holiday season.


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