We are very proud to report that PubFest 2021 was a huge success!

We were so pleased with the attendance – West Chester was jumping with our spirited, community-oriented supporters who clearly know how to celebrate in style. Check out our events pics Here

We would like to extend a very special thanks to everyone who contributed to our event, especially our Board of Directors, our event volunteers, our participating Pubs, and our PubFest participants!

As a result of your generosity, the journey for children in the foster care system will be made a little easier and more comfortable. Our event proceeds will support the “Friends of Levi” Comfort Bag Program – an organization focused on addressing the basic needs of these special children as they enter a new and unfamiliar foster home.

Congratulations to Nancy Lennon, the Winner of our Wagon of Cheer!

JMC is working to make the world a little better by providing positive opportunities for people and families with special needs.

Judi Marvel Charities is proud to be a United Way agency. Making contributions through the United Way allows you to Make a Difference, literally, every day of the year.  This type of contribution can be both meaningful and manageable.  We encourage you to donate through the United Way and to check with your employer about an employer match program.


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